"Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it." Benjamin Franklin

Financial Windfall

"Sudden Money"  can arrive in a variety of ways.  Perhaps you have finally reached a legal settlement with a substantial award, hit the lottery jackpot (somebody has to win!), sold your business or inherited a substantial sum of money. A sudden change in your financial situtation may not always be a happy time; you could be dealing with grief about the death of a family member or a divorce in which your partner handled all of the financial decisions. These life transitions can vary widely as can the emotions that accompany them...joy, sadness, fear, and anxiety are just a few of the things you may be feeling.
It's important to remember that this time can be more challenging and complex than you may think. Take a deep breath, and move slowly no matter how many friends or unsolicited financial opportunities show up at your door. While we can help you analyze and plan, the first step is to establish some perspective and gain an understanding of what this financial windfall means to your life and the lives of the people important to you. Let's identify the dream before we make a plan to help you realize it. This is likely a time of major life change and all that goes along with it. You need to understand and deal with that before facing the facts and figures.
Once that work is done, you need a team of professionals and a plan to safeguard and protect your new found wealth. As your "financial quarterback" we can help to coordinate your team of tax, legal and financial professionals in partnership with you. There are many decisions to be made and it is important that you have a non-emotional, trusted advisor at your side to help you negotiate the expected pitfalls and ensure your future security.
As a former Registered Nurse and Harvard MBA, Robin is uniquely suited to help you deal with both the emotional and financial ramifications of a major finanical and life transition. Not sure where to turn? We have a team of professionals and other advisors ready to help.